Ride: Coombe Abbey on/off road

Destination: 'Binley Park' Pub

Distance: 15 miles. 

Contains difficult section crossing town!



R out of Vista to TJ Kenilworth Road
L to ring road rdbt – 2nd exit (take care approaching and on ring road)
Continue to 2nd lights
L – str over 2 sets lights using cycle path route into Far Gosford street.
2nd right (past bike shop) – L at TJ into Gulson Road
Follow cycle path right from Gulson along Binley Road (over rdbt)
Cont. Binley Road straight over lights to 2nd set lights
Turn L – cont. on Hipswell Highway and over lights into Sewell Highway
At Devonshire pub rdbt – turn R and at TJ on Wyken croft turn L.
Turn R into Wyken Slough and cont. along path to “Homebase”
Turn L toward Leicester and in 100 yards at lights turn R at St Mary’s Church
Cont. on road until opens up into farm track. Cont. over bridge over dual carriageway
And through farm and L to continue to track end TJ - turn R into Coombe Fields road.
Cont. and to TJ with Brinklow Road – turn R.
Bear L at lights and pub is now on left in 100 yards (Care!)



Imm L and to middle of road to lights for right turn.
Str on along Binley Road using cycle paths to L into Gulson road.
After pedestrian lights R and L into Gosford Street..
At 3rd lights L to ring road rdbt and 3rd exit
1st R – continue to T Junction ¾ mile
R to lights – L along Kenilworth road to next lights
R into Earlsdon Avenue and Home of Vista.



Str on = Straight on; L = Left; R = Right; rdbt = roundabout; cont. = continue
X roads = Cross Roads; Imm = Immediately