Ride: Lowsonford – Issue 2 Includes Shortcuts

Destination: 'Fleur de Lys' pub'

Distance: 35 miles - hard

Due to weather conditions or the general well-being of the group it may be necessary to shorten the ride.

Shortcuts are included in the directions below. Shortcut 1 will start and end at the rows marked *. Shortcut 2 will start and end at rows marked **. etc



L out of Vista
At rdbt L up high street to TJ – R to mini rdbt, 1st left over railway and L at next mini-rdbt, on to Canley level Crossing.
Str on to rdbt A45, str on to next rdbt, 2nd exit to next rdbt 2nd exit to Westwood Heath.
Str on at next rdbt to TJ with Cromwell lane.
L then 1st R – Hodgetts Lane.
½ mile L at X roads to Balsall Common.
Str on at lights to Temple Balsall.
4the (?) L – narrow lane - Frog Lane (by telephone kiosk)
* L at X roads in ½ mile and L at TJ and 1st R to Chadwick end
** Follow to X roads at Chadwick End – turn L
1st R to Baddesley Clinton.
*** In ¼ mile turn L.
¾ mile on past Hay Wood turn R to Rowington.
Str on X roads (down hill to Tom o’the Woods pub-dangerous canal bridge-CARE!)
Cont. another ¾ mile to TJ at bottom of hill.
Turn L – ‘Fleur de Lys’ on L in 100 yards



Right out of Pub – Continue 1½ miles to TJ – turn L and R in 150 yards
Straight on (R )in yards and straight on (L) in 200 yards
*** Through Packwood House (sic) note Topiary on L (sighted riders)
Continue 1 mile. After passing under railway bridge bear R and R again.
Continue for 1 mile and over canal bridge (sharp left – care!) to TJ
Turn L. (pass shortcut 3 pub – Black Boys)
In ½ mile turn R and continue to TJ
* & ** Turn L to Knowle. 1st R to Barston.
Cont. 1 mile over ford to TJ. Turn L – in ½ mile at TJ – Turn R (pass shortcut 1 &2 pub The Bull)
Cont. 1 ½ miles over X roads to TJ with Dual carriageway
Turn L into middle of road for R Turn (CARE)
Str on to TJ – turn L – cont. to X roads (Bear at Berkswell pub)
Str on 2 miles to A45 (Care)
Str on to lights Hearsall Common - Turn R and on to rdbt Earlsdon - on to home of Vista


* Shortcut 1 – saves 10 miles grade reduces to medium

(new pub stop is 'The Bul'l at Barston)
At X roads straight on. R at TJ.
At next TJ (L to Knowle etc)


** Shortcut 2 – saves 8 miles grade reduces to medium

(new pub stop is 'The Bull' at Barston)
1st R after sharp right bend
3rd L
At next TJ (L to Knowle etc)


*** Shortcut 3 saves 6 miles

(new pub stop is 'The Black boy' OS ref 194747)
In ¼ mile straight.
3rd right (in 2 miles) through Packwood house



Str on = Straight on; L = Left; R = Right; rdbt = roundabout; cont. = continue
X roads = Cross Roads; Imm = Immediately