Ride to The 'Green Man' pub in Kenilworth on 25th May 2010

The ride to The 'Green Man' pub in Kenilworth on 25th May 2010
By Gary Sharp, Lead Rider

Luckily the weather had cooled from the weekend, but it was bright & dry. A good evening for cycling.
We were able to get 5 tandems out (Gary & Brian T, Martin & Yvette, Brian F & Joseph, new pilot Andy & Stu B, Nigel & Julia). Richard Boateng arrived just as we were preparing to leave, so he went in the support car. On solos we had Dave Franklin, and a new interested rider, Steve Fowler.
Joyce arrived with a sheet of paper and a tupperware box and collected the ride money from everyone, and then we were set to go.
I had to limit my engine (Brian T) to avoid us leaving the rest of the pack behind, and we proceeded along the Kenilworth Road. Martin was having some problems with his bike seat, but after a few stops & tweaks he was happily back in the saddle again. We turned down the Coat of Arms Bridge Rd, up Green Lane North, down the A45, regrouping at the A45 crossing before continuing the other side of Green Lane South then down to King's Hill Lane. We all managed the uphills & enjoyed the downhills. We continued down along the Stoney Rd then turned on to Dalehouse Lane where we continued until turning right up the very steep hill that is Common Lane. New rider Steve took one look at the hill, and agreed to meet us at the pub, and continued straight on, but the rest of us made it up the hill to the Coventry Road, where we rested a while, until we could talk again, and then we were able to freewheel in to Kenilworth. 
A quick loop round by the castle and 45 minutes after leaving the Resource Centre we were at the Green Man pub, where Tony & Janet Jenks were waiting for us.
After a relaxing drink sat outside, the temperature was dropping and before the legs stiffened too much, we prepared to set off again. 
A quick reorganisation was necessary with Joseph going back in the support car, so the new partnerships were Gary & Richard B on 1 tandem & Team Brian on the other.
We continued through the aptly named Windy Arbour, along Glasshouse Lane, then turned down Crew Lane, down past the golf course, towards Stoneleigh village, then along the country lanes to the sewage works, then turned left, back along St Martins Rd, up & across the A45, back down Green Lane North, and then along the Kenilworth Road, and back to the Resource Centre.
It was 9pm by the time we pulled into the Resource Centre.

No mechanical failures, no accidents, no-one lost. A successful ride.